How to get an ETA to travel in Canada?

As a travel "document", Canada requires visitors to carry an ETA. However, this requirement does not apply to everyone. It is intended for a specific category of travellers. This is in addition to other formalities that must be known and completed in order to obtain an electronic travel authorization.

AVE: generalities

The ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an essential authorization for a certain category of travellers wishing to visit Canada. Once granted, it is automatically linked to the applicant's passport, which can then be used to enter and travel in the country for a specified period. To obtain an ETA for Canada, go to However, transactions will only be possible if the person concerned meets specific qualifications and status requirements.

Who can and should apply for an ETA?

An ETA is mandatory for all foreigners travelling by air and exempt from the visa requirement. In other words, those concerned are those who travel by air and do not need a visa to travel to Canada. Other categories of persons may also be required to obtain an ETA for Canada before they can enter the country. Travellers who must apply for this authorization therefore include:
  • Travellers travelling by air who are visa exempt.
  • Permanent residents of the United States.
  • Citizens of countries on Canada's list.
  • Minors who meet all the criteria for applying for an ETA.

What is the format of the ETA?

The ETA is an integrated document, that is, electronically linked to the passport. The issuance of the ETA is confirmed by email.


The steps involved in obtaining the e-visa for Canada, which is the Electronic Travel Authorization, are done online. They are mainly done through an individual form.

What is required to apply?

Before starting to fill out the form, it is essential to have a 'e':
  • A valid passport.
  • A functional e-mail addresses.
  • An online payment method.
Apart from these requirements, authorisation will only be issued if the applicant:
  • has the necessary means to support himself during his stay?
  • stays in Canada only for a period of less than 6 months.
  • has not committed any crime that could lead to a refusal.

What is the procedure for an ETA?

There are a few steps to apply for an ETA. Also, in order to be issued this e-visa for Canada, it is necessary to: go to the dedicated website. fill in the form, going through the requesting parties: passport information. answers to specific questions. validate the request. pay the fee ($7 Canadian dollars). The completed form is valid for one person only. It is therefore mandatory to repeat the process as many times as there are travellers (for each member of a family/group/collaborator/etc.).

When do you get an ETA?

During the form stage, an e-mail address will be requested. Once all the information is confirmed, the processing will normally take only a few hours. The answer received after this time may be: positive. negative. or indicate that the application is being processed.


Any traveller who wants an ETA for Canada can apply as soon as they plan to travel. An individual who has already applied for an ETA once, will have to apply again if:
  • the validity period of 5 years after issuance of the ETA has expired.
  • he changes his address.
  • he changes sex.
  • he changes his nationality.
  • his passport is no longer valid.

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