What chakra is emerald good for?

Top Benefits of Wearing Emeralds the Emeralds are rare quality gem specimens of the Beryl family. It is a greenish-blue variety of the beryl family gemstones that form in igneous and sedimentary rocks under pressure and heat for a hundred…

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Stone virtues: find out more about the Amethyst

One of the most beautiful natural stones in the world is Amethyst. Explanations on gives a vivid picture. Back then, it was more expensive than many stones. Today, stones like ruby and sapphire are more expensive and better known. Previously, the…

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Why opt for phytotherapy and natural remedies to treat yourself?

Nature is generous to us. There are natural plants that have innumerable therapeutic virtues, commonly known as medicinal plants. Natural plants were the first medicine in the world. Because of their health benefits, these medicinal plants were then the subject…

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What are the secrets to be comfortable with yourself?

Feeling different or uncomfortable can lead to a certain complex in many people. Several factors can make a person feel bad about themselves. This can be physical, psychological or clothing related. To remedy this phenomenon, or to feel good about…

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How to calculate your ideal weight?

Being under or overweight can lead to health problems in a person. To stay in good shape and fit easily into your jeans, you should not exceed your ideal weight. This can vary according to everyone. Discover the formula for…

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