customer experience

What are the 3 main components of customer experience?

Several studies have proven that customer experience plays a vital impact on the growth of a business. This has prompted many businesses to focus as much on customer experience as other business components. Good customer experience is 100% focused on…

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dating websites

Make free dating by choosing among the best dating websites

Nowadays, people can do anything online. You can have your shopping done and plan a whole vacation online. The same applies to online dating. Click here if you are looking to get totally free online dating sites in the UK….

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Gmail Labs Automatically Translates Your Email

Got yourself a pen pal that just happens to speak another language? A new feature in Gmail Labs automatically translates foreign-language email messages to your native tongue directly in Gmail. What are the steps ? Once you’ve enabled the feature…

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Make your website social with Google friend connect and bring more traffic

Google announced a preview release of Google friend connect. Google friend connect is an application that provides social features to website visitors. Social networking on any site always attracts more visitors and same thing is made simple for website owners…

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