Make your website social with Google friend connect and bring more traffic

google Google announced a preview release of Google friend connect. Google friend connect is an application that provides social features to website visitors. Social networking on any site always attracts more visitors and same thing is made simple for website owners to socialize their site using Google friend connect. Lots of social features are included in Google friend connect such as posting a message to site, invite other members/friends, review the site, registration with site and members gallery. All these social application can make any nonsocial network or site social with simple code on site. No need of any programming. The advantage of this Google friend connect is that anyone can interact with friends on other social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Google Talk, hi5 and many more social networks. All this communication is over a secure authorization API’s.

Benefits to site owners

1) Bring more traffic as people who discovers interesting things will definitely invite their friends and thus resulting in tons of free traffic. 2) User engagement is important for any web site success. With Google friend connect your visitors will get deeply interact with your site. 3) No programming knowledge required to socialize your site. Just select the social application you want to run on your site, customize it and paste a simple code provided by Google on your site. That’s it. Google friend connect is currently available as preview release and only accessible for some selective websites. If you want to add such social applications on your site then sign-up for preview release. If you want more information about Google friend connect then visit this page. You can play with some live example sites which are using Google friend connect service.
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