Why opt for phytotherapy and natural remedies to treat yourself?

Nature is generous to us. There are natural plants that have innumerable therapeutic virtues, commonly known as medicinal plants. Natural plants were the first medicine in the world. Because of their health benefits, these medicinal plants were then the subject of a special study that gave rise to the name "phytotherapy". Phytotherapy is therefore the study of the use of plant extracts in order to make 100% natural (such as herbal teas or direct use without prior processing of the plants) or almost natural (such as capsules, drinks, etc...) medicines. And even the synthesized drugs that are considered "chemical" come mostly from natural plants such as cough syrups or aspirin.

The nuisances of synthesized drugs

Chemical drugs have long been criticized and discredited. Just by designation, these drugs are not very attractive. Too many chemicals, this medicine is harmful to health. The main scapegoats for this aggressiveness of synthetic drugs are the liver, heart and kidneys, which are all vital organs. Certainly, they are of a certain and rapid effectiveness as a curative means; however, all these drugs have, in a long or a short time, side effects. Therefore, at present, doctors themselves prescribe phytotherapy. Moreover, even in pharmacies, "green" product lines are gradually filling the shop windows. Natural remedies are coming back at a gallop. From a health point of view, the advantages that can be gained from the use of phytotherapy. It is undeniable that the use of phytotherapy has less or almost no side effects on the human body because it is "natural". As synthesized medicine comes from natural medicine, why not use the natural right away? Not only is this not harmful to health, but also, since these synthetic medicines have medicinal plant extracts, the direct use of these plants is therefore more effective. Phytotherapy is an alternative medicine, what could be better than relaxing your migraine by drinking a cup of chamomile tea? Not only is natural medicine curative, but its greatest virtue is its preventive action. The other benefits that can be perceived through herbal medicine. Health is enormously valuable, and this is accentuated by the price of synthesized medicines. The most effective and least harmful drugs are the most expensive. While drugs categorized as "reasonably priced", not everyone can even afford them, these high-end and expensive drugs are therefore out of reach. This is exactly why phytotherapy and natural remedies are the best way to treat oneself. Largely cheaper and sometimes even offered free of charge by nature, they are destined for all budgets. Therefore, from a financial and economic point of view, phytotherapy is beneficial. Also, the use of phytotherapy is an excellent means to enhance the cultural and cultic aspect of a country.
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