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Top Benefits of Wearing Emeralds

the Emeralds are rare quality gem specimens of the Beryl family. It is a greenish-blue variety of the beryl family gemstones that form in igneous and sedimentary rocks under pressure and heat for a hundred million years. The emerald stone gem is used to make attractive jewellery.

Emeralds are popularly known as the stone of successful love and represent integrity and great loyalty. They are always breathtakingly pleasing and command a high price. This precious gem opens you up to your latent clairvoyant abilities and gathers wisdom from the mental planes.

This gemstone offers numerous benefits, making it a valuable gemstone. The gem is made up of four elements: aluminium, beryllium, oxygen and silicon. It is often distinguished by its green colour, resulting from excessive amounts of minerals such as chromium and vanadium atoms. Typically it is hexagonal and is available in various shades of green that range from milky light green to its widely different deep transparent green colour, depending on the amount of mineral.

Types of Emeralds

Typically, these gemstones are differentiated by their area of origin or the presence of a certain type of impurities. Common places that deposit emeralds are found include Columbia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and India. The three main types of this gemstone are:

Natural Emeralds

These are emeralds that are formed through the geological processes in the earth. This type of gemstone is the most common in the market, though most have been treated.

Treated Emeralds

Most of the treated emeralds also come from natural emeralds. Globally, over 99% of emeralds in the market have clarity enhancements by either using resin or oil to fill any fractures that may have been generated.

Untreated Emeralds

Untreated emeralds are emeralds that have not undergone any treatment process in any way. This type of emerald is very rare in the market. However, being untreated doesn’t mean that their clarity is 100%. A good number of treated emeralds in the market have the same clarity as to the untreated ones.

Emeralds Healing Properties

This precious gemstone is among the three big Gemstones, and it has been a coveted prize throughout the years. It is also known for its healing properties. This precious gem corresponds with this kind of energy and is recognised as a stone of royalty, success and love. Some of this precious gem metaphysical healing property includes:

  • The gemstone brings wealth, abundance and riches
  • The stone encourages unconditional love
  • The stone encourages unity
  • The stone helps form and strengthens friendships
  • The stone encourages domestic bliss
  • The stone encourages loyalty in relationships

How to Use Emeralds

Since this gemstone is powerful and precious, there are various ways to harvest its power and enjoy its benefits in your daily living situation.

Here are ways that you can use this precious gemstone:

  • Hold it in your hand and meditate to bring love to your life
  • Place the gemstone in a place of business for successful sales
  • Have the gem as display in your office or workplace to seek attention
  • Wear the gem as a piece of jewellery to make you feel like royalty and gain confidence
  • Meditate with the stone for money manifestation
  • Wear the gemstone as a necklace and let it be close to your heart to experience an emotional healing

Nine stone Benefits of Emeralds

This precious gem is referred to as the stone of the heart because it symbolises compassion, mercy and universal love. Generally, it represents all the wonderful things in the world and how they’re all interconnected with love. Below are some of its benefits.

Makes you Wiser and More Intellectual

This precious stone works wonders by boosting one’s wisdom and clarity of mind. It is believed to increase the intellectual power and also gain wisdom of the person wearing it, making their personality worthy. Also, this stone helps increase focus and concentration that contribute to improving your intelligence. So, if you are a slow learner and need to pick up quickly, you can have this stone on.

Anyone can embed the precious stone in rings and put it on to avail the benefit. Scholars can have natural emeralds as they are the best for improving efficiency and performance in studies. However, it is advisable to consult an astrologer to advise you before wearing the gemstone.

Helps in Financial Growth

Emeralds are a great symbolisation of prosperity. Like in the field of business, this stone is considered the auspicious stone. It is the belief of business owners to wear this precious stone to gain profit and to touch the peak of success. This stone is best recommended for people in the profession of travelling agency, textile, share marketing, banking, and many others. Therefore, one can have this gemstone as a necklace, earrings, or ring to attain prosperity.

Boosts your Creativity

The person wearing this gemstone in the form of a pendant will know how it helps in improving the imagination power of the brain. It is believed the person wearing this stone will never fall short of innovative ideas on solving issues in life. This stone helps the wearer create good imaginations and become more creative. This stone can be your great friend forever if you are a media representative, artist, or writer.

Balances your Chakra energy

This gemstone is considered one of the best sources of activating and channelising the energies of the heart chakra. It can control your interactions not only with the physical but also the metaphysical powers.

Emeralds can also help you identify and select what you want to embrace in your life and other negative things you would wish to resist. Therefore, by having this stone, you can learn how to balance your entire life existence without defying the rules of the universe.

Improves Communicating Power

Wearing this precious stone can improve your communication skills and improve your oratory skills. Having this stone on your body improves your confidence and helps you gain the power of expression, improving your communication skills. So, you can wear emeralds on your body to build your communication abilities. This precious gemstone will not only boosts your confidence but also how you present thoughts. If you want to improve on your verbal skills, then the emeralds can be of great help to you.

Essential for Physical Health Benefits

Emeralds are very popular because of their amazing healing properties. The stone can cure major diseases related to the abdomen, kidney, brain, and heart. This gemstone also decreases the stress level of any person that wears it.

You can have it as a ring on your finger and have the most out of it. Emeralds can also help cure skin-related problems, nervous system problems, respiratory problems, and not forgetting; the stone can be a good remedy for pregnant women as it lowers labour pain and a woman’s stress level. So wearing on the emeralds can enable you to protect and preserve your being through its healing powers.

Help You Gain Fame

From the past, this stone is regarded as a royal gemstone. It is believed that this precious gemstone was worn by great people like Queen Elizabeth and Queen Cleopatra, who used to carry the stone in their pendants. From then, it has been giving fame and success to those who wear it. If the mercury is placed in the horoscope, then the person will have “Name and Fame” in his life, which will also be a bright future for him.

They are Good for Marriage and When Looking for True Love

According to astrologers, these gems promote love in a relationship and grant faithfulness to the person who wears them. It helps restores the warmth and affection in a couples love life. Couples believe that this stone-built a better understanding and true love between them, providing good thoughts about each other. Also, this gemstone helps in dealing with stressful relationships and fills the relationship with love and happiness. It is also a good remedy for the broken hearts since it helps to get rid of the bad memories of previous experience and help heal the scars and bring calmness to their lives.

Creates Happiness and Contentment

Based on the theory that says contentment of the heart relies on balancing your thoughts and emotions, emeralds align the heart chakra to make this process smooth and cohesive. This means you can easily accomplish your contended lifestyle by aligning your spiritual, emotional and mental awareness by using this stone. Also, it revives your passion and redirects your desired interests towards the fields that you feel better.

Parting Words

To enjoy all these benefits of emeralds, one should wear a type of this precious gemstone. Therefore, if you want to have your wishes fulfilled, then you can get this quality gemstone. Additionally, it is advisable to consult a qualified person to advise you when buying this gemstone. Say yes to a brighter future by getting your emerald gemstone jewellery today.

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