How to calculate your ideal weight?

Being under or overweight can lead to health problems in a person. To stay in good shape and fit easily into your jeans, you should not exceed your ideal weight. This can vary according to everyone. Discover the formula for calculating the ideal weight.

Lorentz's formula

Lorentz's formula considers the gender difference. This method of calculating your ideal weight is suitable for you if you are between 18 and 65 years of age, are not pregnant and are not an athlete. Because this formula neglects certain factors, few people use it to calculate their ideal weight. For example, the calculation method is not the same for both sexes: - Male: Height - 100 - (Height - 150)/4 - Woman: Size - 100 - (Size - 150)/4

Creff's formula

Creffe's formula considers morphology and age in its calculation of ideal weight. Thus, depending on your individual shape, whether thin, wide or normal, the weight goes without saying. With this method of calculation, the ideal weight of a thin person will be decreased by 10%, while that of a wide person will be increased by 10%. However, the result will remain subjective: - Slim morphology: (Height* - 100 + Age/10) x 0.9 x 0.9 - Normal morphology: (Height* - 100 + Age/10) x 0.9 - Wide morphology : (Size* - 100 + Age/10) x 0.9 x 1.1

The Monnerault-Dumaine formula

The Monnerault-Dumaine formula considers muscle mass and bone structure in calculating the ideal weight. Therefore, this method of calculation requires the measurement of the wrist circumference, the indicator of bone and muscle mass to determine the ideal weight: Ideal weight = (Height - 100 = 4 x wrist circumference)/2. Noting that in these three formulas, height should always be expressed in cm.
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