Known Bernard Buffet’s works : discover the clowns

Bernard Buffet

Bernard played a vital role in the industry with his awesome techniques in bringing out stories from images of clowns. You can get a quick peek of his work from Bernard Buffet clown. However, you will get to know more about what the clown artwork entails.

Variety of the clown artwork

The clown Bernard Buffet work has been underrated for quite some time. As much as his works have changed professionalism and creativity, it has shown that as long as you are willing to be sincere and genuine with your work, no idea is bad. For a while, people knew him as the clown Bernard Buffet, but he gave rise to these beautiful creations:

1. Clown triste

This portrait is also known as the sad clown story. This Bernard Buffet clown brings out the contradiction between comedy and mental disorders. Depression is the main message that Bernard buffet brings. He is referencing what was going on in his life. The artwork has further been experimental on the psychological behaviour that comedian actors had compared to the other actors. The work shows that comedians used comedy to hide their trauma and further use it to gain acceptance. Generally, the artwork shows how the working industry has been hard for them, which has led to a build-up in anxiety. This type of anxiety is due to the fear that their popularity may end at any time. Furthermore, it has led to increased suicide situations. The clown triste is a basic story on depression

2. Clown fond mauve

The painting brings a contemporary story of an impressionist. This painting shows how clowns can alter their behaviour and emotions in different circumstances and show how society portrays different traits in certain situations. The fond mauve is among the best clown paintings with the enhancement of quality through the use of graphite, rugs and old mastery work. It has a purple background with a good smile on the clown's face. The fond mauve painting is one of a kind.

3. Bernard Buffet resurgence clown

The resurgence clown painting shows a group of musical instruments with a bunch of clowns. The portrait shows how they can combine musicality and comedy to bring out a beautiful, storied message through work of art. The fact that many people have looked at Bernard Buffet's work with some form of disdain has made the paintings forgotten for years. Although it gives a strong message to society. Resurgence clown paintings will be worth a while when set in the museum.

4. Clown chapeau au clique

The painting is given a French name which translates to a clown with a slap hat. It is known that clowns and hats go hand in hand and that these paintings show a similar posture and nature of how the clowns express themselves. Alternatively giving a clowns' impression.


There has been a surprising rise in sales regarding the number of sales regarding Bernard Buffet clowns. The buffet paintings had been given a bad taste in many years and acquired a low reputation more than it deserved. Since it was given an on view in Paris, buffet's work has earned a new retrospective. From this article, you can see examples of the work listing and what you would expect if you have not been familiar with his work.

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