What are the 3 main components of customer experience?

customer experience

Several studies have proven that customer experience plays a vital impact on the growth of a business. This has prompted many businesses to focus as much on customer experience as other business components. Good customer experience is 100% focused on creating a positive client interaction with your products and service providers. Product information management (pim) is also a great part of customer experience. Below is an in-depth look into the three top components of customer experience;

Product information management

Product information management (PXM) is managing and enriching product information and other related digital assets across various teams. PXM aims to provide an engaging product experience. It also helps increase product sales across various marketing channels. A robust information system can help a company gain a competitive edge. It helps keep stakeholders, partners, and customers involved and well-informed about products. It also helps reduce the product’s time to market. It involves creating an information system featuring the latest and most relevant product information in clients’ hands. The success of this system can impact the overall customer experience. It also increases partner revenue and enhances customer satisfaction. Therefore, PXM is a vital component of customer experience. Below are some key elements of this an information system for products;

  • Data aggregation- this involves the collection of data from multip,e sources.
  • Content management- this is where the data is enriched with various marketing assets like technology and artwork before it is used to enhance customer experience.
  • Sales enablement- here, the product information is shared on various sales channels or updated. You must ensure that the information on various channels is consistent and similar.
  • Change management- here, the existing product information is updated accordingly. This should be done frequently whenever changes are made to the products or when questions arise about them.

Service experience design

Another top component of customer experience is service experience design. This is the mechanism for businesses to plan, build, and focus on creating an ideal service experience. This component of customer experience requires a holistic view of an entire business and its operations. For instance, you must explore every touch point customers have with your business. The key is ensuring your clients have a memorable experience at each level. This can be achieved by focusing on clients when setting up service experience design. This can be achieved by asking the clients what they expect or what would better their experience. All this is part of creating a customer-focused culture. The best service experience design should make it easy for clients to do business with your company. You may need an experienced team of customer experience experts to help you with the design.

Service Experience management

Service experience management involves monitoring all interactions people experience with your business. It aims to spot opportunities for improvement and point out errors. This practice is designed to improve how customers receive and experience services from a business. Robust experience management practices will help you re-think and re-invent the experiences you afford your clients. You must target the most common issues in your customers’ experiences here. You may also benefit from using remarks from your clients. This information can come in handy when establishing ways to improve your customer experience. Once you have determined the gaps in the experience you deliver to your clients; you can hunt down and close them. Service experience management should be a continuous process. Customers’ needs are often changing. Therefore, whatever they expect from businesses also changes often. Hence, service experience management is a critical and standard component of customer experience. Below are some elements of service experience management;

  • Service experience delivery- here, you should ensure you are constantly delivering everything you have promised your clients. Making promises is easy. However, most businesses fail by not delivering their promises. This hurts their customers’ experience. Therefore, a business should always strive to deliver its promises and not give promises it cannot fulfill.
  • Customer satisfaction- every business must also constantly determine whether its clients are satisfied and their level of satisfaction. Even if clients are satisfied, businesses must aim to constantly up their game and increase their satisfaction levels. When clients receive the same thing repeatedly, they become less impressed. Therefore, businesses must constantly aim to do better.


There are several other elements of customer experience apart from the few mentioned above. They include; quality, personalization, omnichannel experience, and emotional contentment. Another significant element of customer experience is building trust with clients. All this can be achieved by developing productive solutions and serving beyond expectations. This will set you apart from your competition and ultimately promote your growth and success.

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