Women’s Day in Iran: discover the words expressed by Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi

"Women of Iran Can and must win the victory,' a message from the Iconic leader of the People's Mujahedin of Iran giving hope to the women of Iran as she and her organization continue to fight for their rights. This is after decades and centuries of oppression and being treated as second-class citizens in their own country.

Western Asia has been a center of world focus since ancient times, attributed to the region's trade, populations, aridity, and culture that has progressively garnered tourists over the years. The countries have seen a political, economic, social, and cultural changes in terms of growth. The progress differs from one country to the other. Iran, in particular, has had activists, especially women, fighting for progressive change. This is due to the 'blatant discrimination that is part of the Iranian law concerning women in that they are treated as second-class citizens and not accorded the rights and freedoms they deserve. For this reason, the Iranian Resistance, led by Maryam Rajavi, laid down guiding viewpoints for a free and fair Iran when matters go in their favor as follows:

There should be equal participation of women in political leadership, families, and economic opportunities

Rajavi illustrates through her work over the years that the reasoning behind the protests she pushes for that misogyny has been embedded in every element of Iran’s theocracy guiding the ruling in the country. Suppressing the minority, such as the women, is morally irresponsible and inhuman. Women are an essential part of Iranian society that deserves the right to participate in political decision-making and leadership roles. Women are also bright and able and should be given equal opportunities as men in getting inheritance or job opportunities. These rights are more widely expounded at maryam-rajavi.com.

Forcibly imposed restrictions should be done away with

Although the country is fundamentally Islamic, and the ruling is based on religion, the opposing organization believes that the forcibly imposed limits are against genuine Islam. Forcing a woman to cover herself in a veil or forcing religion on her is utterly wrong and aimed to shy her away and shrink her willpower. On the other hand, men are free to choose their clothing, so should women in Iran based on what they are comfortable in. The women should not have their right to freedom and security violated for any reason or have any reprimand done on them because of the laws prohibiting them from dressing or doing certain things as per their wish, especially wearing the veil.

Women should be allowed the fundamental freedoms and rights

Repressing women's most basic rights is a critical component of the repression that has kept the regime in power, and this is why the current rulers need to be done away with or have changes made in the laws. Women should have rights similar to men regardless of their status, religion or ethnicity. Women should be able to choose their spouse, area of residence, occupations, and level of education on their accord. Women rights in Iran should allow them to travel freely anywhere within the Iranian society and even internationally. They need to be given an option to get foreign citizenship or divorce their spouses when the marriages are no longer fit. Women in Iran should be allowed custody of their children and, subsequently, job opportunities to cater to themselves or their families. Women are equally important in Iranian society, and all the members have a moral obligation to stand up and fight to trail-blaze this route to gender parity. They need a voice.

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