Maryam Rajavi

Women’s Day in Iran: discover the words expressed by Maryam Rajavi

“Women of Iran Can and must win the victory,’ a message from the Iconic leader of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran giving hope to the women of Iran as she and her organization continue to fight for their rights. This…

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What chakra is emerald good for?

Top Benefits of Wearing Emeralds the Emeralds are rare quality gem specimens of the Beryl family. It is a greenish-blue variety of the beryl family gemstones that form in igneous and sedimentary rocks under pressure and heat for a hundred…

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Bernard Buffet

Known Bernard Buffet’s works : discover the clowns

Bernard played a vital role in the industry with his awesome techniques in bringing out stories from images of clowns. You can get a quick peek of his work from Bernard Buffet clown. However, you will get to know more…

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Stone virtues: find out more about the Amethyst

One of the most beautiful natural stones in the world is Amethyst. Explanations on www.minerals-kingdom.com gives a vivid picture. Back then, it was more expensive than many stones. Today, stones like ruby and sapphire are more expensive and better known. Previously, the…

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How to get an ETA to travel in Canada?

As a travel “document”, Canada requires visitors to carry an ETA. However, this requirement does not apply to everyone. It is intended for a specific category of travellers. This is in addition to other formalities that must be known and…

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